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Supriya’s surprise party for Prithviraj and team Lucifer

Prithviraj Sukumaran’s wife Supriya, according to the opinion of Prithviraj, is one, who is adept at giving surprises. Well, Supriya has made it again, when she had thrown a surprise party to the whole team of Lucifer at their residence in Kochi. Sharing the news through her social media pages, the former BBC reporter had once again underlined the words of her husband.

The crew members, who were invited to the party, shared their happiness over being part of the event. However, the party eluded the cast members and those who expects the presence of stars like Mohanlal or Manju Warrier, it was a letdown. Anyhow, the surprise party has once again shown the kind of treatment, which Prithviraj and Supriya give to their coworkers.

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