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Sudev Nair’s body transformation stunned everyone

Actor Sudev Nair has always kept the body required for a star actor. Having worked out hard to achieve a six pack body to envy anyone, the actor’s latest picture has literally stunned the entire Mollywood. Shedding the wax carved body, Sudev Nair appears with a belly, and has given way for some serious rounds of discussion in social media platforms. Many have jumped into the centre with their own explanations such as the actor’s body transformation for upcoming projects.

However, the facebook post of the star didn’t mention such an incident; rather, given a warning to all of his followers. Adding that he had been consuming ‘Kerala porottas’, ‘ice creams sundaes’, ‘waffles’, ‘old monks’ and ‘beers’ for these past some time. Well, all these seem to have contributed to the belly of Sudev Nair, despite the star’s claims of relentless workouts. Seems pretty much a warning, right!

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