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Padmakumar finally admitted involved in ‘Odiyan’

Ever since Mohanlal ‘Odiyan’ movie has gone past a particular stage of production, the talk in the town was that of M Padmakumar directing ‘Odiyan’ instead of VA Shrikumar Menon. However, when asked about the same, VA Shrikumar Menon was seen furious and turned down all such rumors. Well, Padmakumar has now come up with his version of the story by stating that he did involve in the production of the movie.

Padmakumar added that he had made his presence felt during the production of the movie, by contributing some creative elements. He however maintained that it had nothing do with the alleged rift between producer Antony Perumbavur and director VA Shrikumar Menon. Rather, Padmakumar commented that he shares a good friendship with VA Shrikumar Menon and it was out from that friendship, that he associated with ‘Odiyan’.

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