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Kannanthanam’s Troll Me Challenge For Kochi !

Alphonse Kannanthanam has been in the row for trollers who mock him at everything through social media. It is not sure that the Union Minister is taking it into delight every time. This time he has come up with a new challenge to troll him in connection for the development of Kochi. He stated in his post that he often wondered how the ingenuity and cleverness of the youth who make vivid trolls could be made use for developmental purposes. He puts forth a challenge for those who have also not spared him in trolls. Kannamthanam has asked to post trolls aimed at the  betterment and progress of Kochi. And the best troll and the person who posts it will be given a chance for a selfie with Kannanthanam !!! He has also stated that no other vows could be made to appreciate the winner owing to the elections.

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